How Could You?

Psalm 27:14 KJV
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

"How could you wait so long?  I could not do that if I were you.... I have to know what is coming next.  God has to tell me what is next before I make my next move...."

Above are the words that I was told as I explained to someone that I was waiting for God to fulfill several promises He has made to me.  Recently I was told by another individual..."If it hasn't happened yet, you may want to start doing something else or question whether or not you actually heard God at all."

I share these things today,  not because I think either of the people who spoke these things to me had any ill in their hearts.  They are like most of us who find it hard at times to wait.  We want what is ours now.  I used to get discouraged at times.  But I have learned to do what I am going to tell you to do today, and that is to consider God. 

God is faithful, He cannot lie and desires good for us.   His plans for us are good and not evil.  He has made the greatest sacrifice to redeem us to Himself.  So why would we not wait for Him? Why would we not trust His timing in everything, knowing that when He does just what He has promised that it will happen strategically?  Our God is a God of strategy and purpose.  Choose today to not be overwhelmed by the time on your watch or the days that have passed by on your calendar. But choose to renew your faith in the God who has never failed you; trusting that He's not going to start doing so now.  Wait on Him with a heart full of expectation and courage and find strength in the long list of testimonies that you already have where He has come through for you every time.  



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