Love Reigns

 I Corinthians 13:8a  Love Never Fails 

Recently I had the privilege of watching God move in the life of my adult children.  The blessing in it all was watching the love of God unfold.  Love never fails.  Love can be described in many different ways.  It can be expressed in just as many ways, but what love can never do is fail.

We like our children can fail. But we are not failures, for failing is a momentary thing that does not have the power nor will we give it the opportunity to define us.  We will allow the great love and sacrifice of God almighty to be the only thing that defines us. 

When the love of our Savior sent Him to the cross, His love said "You're worth it!" When He imputed His righteousness upon us, He called us righteous.  Thus, we live righteous because through His love we are empowered to do so.  

Love...true love empowers us, covers us, it does not rejoice in our wrongs, but it does believe in the best within us and it ultimately calls it out of us through every act of love.  These acts can be words of encouragement or silence to us, while prayers go up on our behalf. In whatever way God is calling you to love your family, co-workers, church family and just as importantly loving yourself, then do it. Don't allow your love to be withheld due to fear.  Don't allow bitterness to cause you to consider what you think one has earned or deserved. Love like our Heavenly Father and watch what God does in your heart and in your life.

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