And That Is What Happened


I have been drawn to the book of Genesis numerous times.  This time in the study I am seeing more than just “the event” that happened.  The argument of whose fault was it really and the loss that occurred.  This time something else stuck out to me.  I saw it before, but not like this.  This time I am using the NLT translation and in the first chapters the word says… “Then God said……….and that is what happened.”

I am not promoting a translation, but I am here to promote faith today.  I am here to remind you to believe God. For if God has spoken a thing,  that will be what happens. In spite of the event in the garden, the deceit and the loss and pain that followed; what God said still remains. 

God said let there be light and that is what happened; you can look up and see the sun still hanging in the sky today.  The animals are still called what God allowed Adam to name them.  The rainbow still represents God’s promise.  Woman is still the portal through which other souls enter this realm.  The moon still lights the sky at night.  We still breath God’s very breathe in and out of lungs daily. 

If that alone is not enough proof that “it” will happen as God spoke it to you; then stop for just a minute and take a look back over your life.  I am sure, if you’re like me, you don’t have to look far to find that the word of God has indeed been established in your life. 

It may not look good right now.  It didn’t for Adam and Eve when they left the garden.  Yet, God gave them seed and they were fruitful, and they multiplied just as God had said.  Whatever promise God has made to you that you placed on a shelf.  Know that God did not place it on a shelf.  He placed it in time and in His perfect timing it will be what happens.

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