Saturday Sessions: What Defines You?

What defines you?

To define is to describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of a thing.

Take a moment and truly consider what defines you?  Then grab a pen and a piece of paper (Your phone or any digital device you choose works too.) and make a list of those things. 

Are you stumped? Not sure what defines you?  Then consider these things….

Where do you place the most focus?

What do you value most?

What makes you feel valued?

On what do you base your truth?

Remember when answering any question do so honestly.  In order to grow we cannot write the “right” answer.  Or the answer that will look good to your colleagues, friends or pastors. Truth is the only path that will lead to real and lasting change. 

Once you’ve compiled your list, review it, sit with it and then seek God for guidance in the areas for which you seek change. 

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