The Wrong Template


The Wrong Template

As I pondered how love became so distorted in this world, I heard these words…”the wrong template”.  We so often take our experiences in life and hold them up to our view of who we think God is and expect for God to conform to our thoughts of Him.  We look at this template of love we have created from past experiences and opinions and when it is not as beautiful as our hearts believe love can be, we allow disappointment to settle in and begin to shun God.  When in reality the word of God tells us that HE is love.  God is the template by which we should measure everything in our lives. 

God loves unconditionally.  HE proved that in the beginning when He created the garden for man to live in.  Before we ever knew God, HE created an abundant life for us.  Then when humanity disobeyed Him and we found ourselves separated from Him, God robed Himself in flesh and came to redeem us.  Paying the ultimate price; His blood.  This true and pure example of love is by what we should measure everything else. 

Now, I’m not telling anyone to shed blood; Jesus was the last and final blood sacrifice for all sin.  But what I am telling you to do is to change your perspective; change your template.  Look to God and not to your opinions, perspective or even your experiences.  Look to the God who has been with you every step of the way.  For He never changes.  God never fails; nor does His love.

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