Get Your Own


Genesis 22:8 ESV

Abraham said, “ God will provide for himself the lamb for a burnt offering, my son.”  So, they went both of them together.


My dad used to say to me when I was growing up, that ever child has to have their own faith.  You’ve got to find your own way; get your own faith.

I knew this moment had come for my son when three days before school started for him this year as a freshman in college, I received a phone call.  On the other end was my boy, my adult son.  I could feel he had something on his heart. So, as the Lord has been teaching me to do with my adult children, I got quiet.  He went on to say….”Mom, I think I am supposed to quit football……….”  [Silence was on the line. ] He went on to tell me how for the three weeks of camp the Lord kept leading him to Mark 9:23 and how in this very moment he now “knew” that he could do college without football.  Of course, I gave him the typical mom answer, (typical but true) I said.  “Of course, you can.  I’ve always known you could.”  His reply blew me away.  He said, “You knew I could, but I didn’t.  But now I do.  I also know that God is calling me to draw people to Christ and I believe that this is what God is telling me to do.  So, I am going to do it.  I am just not sure how to stay at school without this scholarship, but I know that I am supposed to be here also.”

Another typical answer from me came next…...”Sweetheart God can do anything, do you believe?”  To which he responded “Yes.”  Then this momma responded with a faith declaration and we both came into agreement that God had done this for him at the end of our “In Jesus name, Amen”.  So, Chris proceeded to the administration office, and he laid his promise on the altar.  Less than 24hours later the full scholarship was replaced to the penny.  Then just a couple of days ago, the portion I was responsible for as a parent was also taken care of. 

My son needed this miracle, this answered payer, this testimony, away from home, to see God up close and personal.  He needed to trust that he heard God, even when Momma didn’t quite understand it.  He couldn’t fall back on my anointing and my understanding.  He had to fall back on the one thing that will never change and that is God.  My son needed to know that what he watched God do for me his whole life; was accessible to him as a child of God as well.  I share this for the person who does not know how or why you are going through a particular thing right now.  Ask God for understanding, but even if He does not give it to you; believe Him anyway and trust Him to provide for you as well.  As our God is no respecter of persons.

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