Saturday Sessions - 10.9.2021 - Level Up

Level Up

Level – to knock down

Up – cause to be increased

Today I want to share with you some tips that will help you knock down thoughts that are untrue and increase thoughts that are true.  In other words, let’s level up our thinking.

4 Steps to “Level Up” Your thinking

·         Examine your thoughts

·         Decipher your thoughts

·         Shift your perspective

·         Change your thought pattern

It is important that we take a look at the thoughts that dominate our mind.  Consider the things that have dominated your thoughts over the last week.  Be they good or bad; write them down.  Now, take a few moments to decipher those thoughts.  Ask questions like…

·         Were these “my” thoughts?

·         Were my thoughts influenced by an outside opinion?

·         How did these thoughts affect my behavior? 

Once we find the root to our thoughts, then we can effectively change them, and ultimately change our perspective and behaviors.  Next, compile a list of good thoughts (truths) to replace the old thoughts.


Old thought – I am ugly.

New thought – I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Almighty God.

Now, choose a time each morning for the next 7 days to purposefully declare this list of new thoughts over your life.   (Doing so in the morning sets the tone for the day.) At the end of these 7 days, take note of your perspective and any changes in your thought pattern. Then follow these steps every 7 days. 

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