Saturday Sessions - REmindERs



I was reminded this morning of a character in a movie that I saw years ago. She was an older woman.  Near the end of the movie, her friends and family discovered that she had begun to battle dementia.  No one was aware of this because she made a decision early on to place reminders on sticky notes and post them on her bathroom mirror.  She wrote things such as remember to “take your meds”. She included the times and dates she should take them.  The notes that really stuck out to me were the ones where she wrote things like: “Sylvia is your friend. She loves you and is in your corner.” And “Trust what Sylvia tells you.”

Today take a moment and consider the things that are true in your life and write those things down. Place them on sticky notes, or tape note cards to your wall or mirror. Speak these truths over your life daily and return to them when those truths are being questioned/challenged. What God has said about you has already been established.  You can rest in His word.

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