Experiencing God

"You have to try this__________." Many of us will hear these words today as we share meals together. The person making this statement knows that there is no way to describe the goodness, so they invite you to taste and see for yourself.

 I am asking you to also consider the goodness of God. I am asking that you take a moment and consider your experiences with God.  The big ones and the ones we may consider to be small.  You know like the moments when you really desire a thing in your heart.  But cannot even find the courage to speak the words out of your mouth and the very thing you desired shows up.  Or how about the moments when you have prayed for someone to be healed, believing God that it was done in the moment you prayed it; and it was.  

 Do not allow life or the voice of others to cause you to forget about the goodness of God.  God is worthy of all of our praise and thanksgiving.  I pray that today jump starts a life full of gratefulness and thanksgiving that will cause you to wake up every morning with a "Thank you Jesus!" leaping out your mouth.

 #BeThankful #ExperiencingGod #TasteAndSee #BlessedBeyondMeasure #LookAndYouWillFind #MuchToBeThankfulFor #HappyThanksgiving #2021 #TheBestIsYetToCome



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