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Strategies of God - Silence

Strategies of God – Silence

Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do as humans is to be quiet.  Even when we know that it is the best thing to do.  We often have a fear of loss or a desire to be heard and we allow these desires to outweigh the weight our silence would have in a situation if we would just be still and be quiet. 

Understand that we are not speaking of silence in the form of manipulation.  Manipulation is not of God and silence should never be used as a means of control.  We are talking about silence that is produced by faith. When we are in a situation and Holy Spirit is nudging us to remain silent or to become quiet; do so.  Knowing that God is the one who will defend and vindicate us. 

Just as with Joshua and the children of Israel when God commanded that they be silent as they marched around Jericho; God has already given us the victory also.  Do not allow your faith to be moved by what you see.  The children of God at that time, saw a fortified city. But just as God gave His word to them then and kept it; He will keep His word to us today.  The victory IS already ours.  Trust God.  Obey Him and walk in the victory that He has already secured for you.

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Read Joshua 6:10; 6:15-16



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