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Support Systems

It is not good for anyone to walk the journey of life alone.  It is important to have friends, family  members and peers who can support you spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  Keep in mind that support systems are not meant to carry you.  Support systems are meant to do just what their name says….Support. 

Good support systems provide such things as:

·         Love

·         Guidance

·         Truth

·         Correction

·         Safety

I challenge you today to spend some time examining two things 1) the support system you have in place for yourself and 2) the support you provide to others around you.  Remember, that no one is perfect and that we all have hard times.  Let’s remember to check on our friends, family and peers to ensure they are receiving the support they need also. 

Should you need support, please visit our website to explore our counseling and coaching options at:

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