The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return

I remember hearing these words as a young child. They seemed to describe a scary place.  Today these five words have brought solace to my soul. 

There comes a point in our lives where we must decide for the very last time that the cycles that we have been living in are no longer an option.  We must decide at some point, that in spite of our past, the decisions that we have made and the relationships that we may lose, that we want to be all that God has called us to be. 

I believe that the apostle Paul was at this place in Philippians 3.  He gave us a great example as he too looked over his life.  He saw his past, the good the bad and the ugly.  Yet, in that moment of reflection he chose.  Paul chose to press forward towards the things that God had in store for him.  Today, I am choosing the same.  I am choosing to say No to the things of my past.  I have decided to say no to the return of bad choices and cycles.   I have chosen to say no to the return of doubt and fear. 

I do not know what your point is.  Only you know what you are being called to give up and walk away from.  That place is your point of no return.  The time has come. I am praying for you.  God’s grace is indeed sufficient, and He has already made a way of escape for you.  Our God will strengthen you; you need only to choose.

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