The Steps of Change - Saturday Sessions

The Steps of Change

Change starts when you make up in your mind to do something different and actually take the first step.  – Vivian Bell

What do you think of when you are made aware that things are changing/need to change? For most, the first thing that comes to mind is what will be lost.  For instance, if your best friend moves away, you may initially feel sad.  However, as you shift your thoughts to the benefits that this change brings to your friend’s life; you begin to rejoice.  What if you could rejoice over the changes that you are being called to make in this season of your life?

As we seek God and He reveals to us the steps of change we need to make, use the following strategies to find the strength you need to move by faith. 

·         Write down what needs to be changed.

·         Find at least 3 positive things that will come from this change and write those down.

·         Set a time everyday to read this list and to make positive scripture-based declarations.

·         Then make a  move each day (no matter how small) towards this change.

Keep in mind that everything is a process, including change.  You may experience many days of consistent success.  Then on other days you may lack motivation to move forward at all.  Don’t allow the ups and downs to detour you from change.  Have faith and move your feet!

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