I Said What I Said!

I Said What I Said

As the prayer requests and communications have come in, I realize that many are starting the year off dealing with sickness and the death of loved ones.  Perhaps your automobile is giving you trouble, or things are not quite going as you had planned.  Maybe your loved ones are dealing with difficult circumstances. Whatever this first week of 2022 has bought your way, let me encourage you today, to not be moved.

If I were the enemy of your soul, I would do all I could to convince you that this year will be like all the others. I would tell you the lie that the way your year starts is the way in which it will play out.  I would tell you any and everything that I could in order to discourage you.

Now if any of that sounds familiar celebrate.  Yes, I said celebrate!  It is my belief that this year is going to be my greatest year yet!  That I will see miracles, signs and wonders performed. I believe that God will bless the work of my hands in my family, finances, businesses, ministry and anywhere else God has led me to build and take territory for the kingdom!! I believe God!  I believe Him for me, and I believe Him for you. 

I will not change my mind or take back what I have declared over this year.  I know what God has spoken and I will not be moved.  Decide today, that no matter what comes, that you believe God and that you believe that He keeps all of His promises. So, speak what He has spoken to you and don’t you dare back down!

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