Move Forward

Move Forward

We have gotten to the root of some things.  We have told the truth about how those things made us feel and we have taken back our power. The only thing left now for us to do is to move forward. 

How do I move past this lost, pain and disappointment?  You choose to do so by making a decision to feel the disappointment without allowing it to have weight in the decision-making process for your future.  Disappointments come.  I will never tell you that you should not feel disappointed.  What I will tell you is to not allow disappointment to become your life’s decree.

Decree – an official order issued by a legal authority.  An order, edict, command, commandment, mandate or proclamation. 

You are the authority that gets to decree what will happen in your life.  You may not be able to “control” every event. But you do get to choose how the event shapes your life.  You get to renew your mind and live the abundant life that Christ came to give.

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