Saturday Sessions - Get to the Root

Get to the Root

Root – the basic cause, source, or origin of something. To establish deeply and firmly.

At the start of a new year many of us are determined to leave certain proclivities in the prior year.  We want it more than we have wanted anything, and we have chosen to live our lives to the full.  This will require a pull. 

There is a root cause for the thing(s) that we desire to leave behind.  Let us begin by finding the root cause then acknowledge it, understand it, give it (pull it up) and replace it.

·         Grab a sheet of paper and a pen (or a tablet, phone or any form of digital device) and make a list of the things that you want to have removed from within you and/or the things in your life that must go. 

·         Ask God to show you the root cause of these things.  God may take you back to a time in your childhood or a specific event.  (Remember, that the purpose of this step is for your understanding.  Not to place blame or to produce bitterness.)

·         Give the event that God showed you to Him.  This is where the root is dug up.  If you need to forgive, ask God to help you through His strength to forgive.  If deep feelings surface, be honest about how you feel and then give those feelings to God also. 

·         Now replace that deep rooted thing, with the word of God.  Find a scripture(s) that speaks to your particular issue(s) and make this your declaration over your life.  Speak this word daily; aloud.  Post copies of the scripture in your home, at the office or any other place in which you spend a large amount of time.  Let the word of truth become what you purposefully meditate on. 

Want to start your year off right but need a little guidance? Then email us at: for available coaching/counseling sessions. 

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