Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

Last week we discussed getting to the root of the things we want to leave behind.  It is possible that in your time of discovery with God that emotions surfaced.  It is time for us to tell the truth about how we feel.

So often we are unable to break cycles in our lives because we refuse to deal with the emotional hurt and pain of past events.  Acknowledging that someone or something hurt you, made you feel abandoned or broke your heart is not weakness.  Without this acknowledgement there will be no healing.  You will never be able to take your broken heart to God and request His restoration power, when you are unable to first acknowledge that your broken heart exists.

Sitting in sadness, pain and hurt is not something most want to do. Yet, I encourage you today to allow the feelings to come, process them and get understanding.  Do all of this without condemnation.  Even if you caused the pain, condemnation cannot be accepted.  Acknowledgment and a choice to move forward in wisdom is all that is allowed in this space.

Find a safe and quiet space and journal with God about your feelings on what you discovered last week.  I promise you that our God’s grace is sufficient for whatever it is and our Heavenly Father desires to comfort and heal you.

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