Last week our prayer focus was alignment and we discussed saying yes to God by aligning our will with his. This week our prayer focus is acceptance and the continual yes.

Often the initial “Yes” to God is easy.  But what about all the yes’s that follow?  This week we are praying to whole heartedly accept God’s will for our lives.  We want to continue to say Yes to God even when our flesh is screaming “NOOOOO!!”


We have decided to be in alignment with your will for our lives.  This week and every week forward we declare that we will accept your will even when it is beyond our understanding.  Thank you for being a faithful and loving guide to us. It is our desire to fulfill your plan for our lives.  We believe you; we hope in you, and we praise you in advance for the great and awesome things that you have prepared for us, your children. 

 In Jesus name,



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