As I prepared my content for this week’s podcast recording, I began to reflect on layers and how every relationship has them. Whether we are talking about ministry, business, friendships, marriages or parent and child relationships.  Every relationship has layers.  We as people individually have layers.

Now I am not speaking of physical layers.  Although we have those as well.  Take a close look at the make-up of our skin….layers.  However, I am talking about the things that make us, “us”. 

I have a best friend.  We’ve known each other for almost 40 years.  We have been besties for the last 10 of those years.  We didn’t start out best friends though.  I literally did everything in my power to keep him from knowing me.  I was hurt, broken and bitter.  Yet, sweet, loving and still a fan of love itself.  You see the irony and the layers, right?  These layers had to be peeled back in order to find the authentic me.  At the base of who we are we will find layers (i.e., events, incidents, circumstances, etc.) that have created a pathology of thinking and living.  These things make us the unique beings that we are, while also failing to define us by one particular thing.    

I want to encourage you today, to invest in searching the layers of yourself and your relationships.  You just may discover the answers that you’ve been praying for that will restore your marriage, reach desired your customer base and allow you to live your most authentic life.  



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