What is Your Confession?


What is your confession?

We all face obstacles and situations that are less than favorable.  Some are over our heads and out of our control. In these times it makes logical sense to panic and give way to the anxiety that comes upon us.  Yet, I know a Savior whose blood paid for every sin, situation and circumstance. 

This knowledge often brings me to a crossroad.  Things are heavy at the crossroad.  At the crossroad you may “feel” the weight of the world on your shoulders. At the crossroad, it may feel like everything is closing in on you.  At the crossroad it may “appear” that you are running out of time.  But the crossroad has become my place of confession.

It is the place that I confess what I know.  I confess that the work of the cross is enough for me.  It is the place that I confess that Jesus’ shed blood and resurrection paid for my sins and guarantees my salvation.  It is the place that I confess every promise that God has made to me.  Either in HIS written word, or HIS spoken word.  It is the place where I tell doubt to hit the road and for fear to follow suite.  It is the place that I open my mouth and declare truth in the face of facts.  My confession is that I believe God.  What is your confession?

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