When You Are Ready


As a child I remember hearing the old adage…. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”  I remember thinking, that sounds good; that sounds deep.  I later decided that it was just some saying that someone created to sound intellectual.  Then…. a dear friend sent me a book.  He messaged me asking for my address.  He said this book is going to change the way you look at a particular thing.  He went on to express that he did not believe my view on the matter was wrong, but that the book would encourage me, serve as confirmation and break mental strongholds creating a mindset shift. 

What my friend didn’t know is that God had been working on me in this area.  I never discussed it with anyone. I just let God do HIS perfect work in my heart and mind.  A week prior to my friend reaching out a door opened for me to receive some training in this area. Then another door and another door. Then opportunity after opportunity. 

Why am I sharing this? I want to encourage you to not fret over the time that it “appears” that you have lost.  When your inner man is ready for what God has in store for you, doors will open, information will come, and knowledge will be retained.  Your mindset will shift, and not only will you believe God for what HE has spoken, but you will see it begin to manifest in your life.  You will discover that the hand of God was at work all along.  You just had to journey to ready (ready is a place.)


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