When Your Mindset Shifts


When Your MINDSET Shifts

When you set out to change anything about your life, you must first set your mind.  You do so by solidifying your decision in the truth that gave you the courage to make the change in the first place.  Then write down your goals.  Be specific in detail about what you expect to receive or change in your life.  This will require accountability. So, enlist a coach, counselor, therapist, friend, etc.

With change comes resistance.  So as the self-sabotaging thoughts surface (and they will), you will need a strategy to handle these moments.  For me I have created declarations based on the word of God that I declare daily over my life.  This is my defense against such thoughts. 

Today, I have prayed your strength. May you not grow weary in the midst of this shift.  There is greater on the other side.    Hold on, you’re almost there! 


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