Accepting Freedom

Accepting Freedom

The other day I took some time to relax, and binge watch a show that I love, but had not been able to watch for quite some time.  Learning to relax and take restful moments is something that I am still learning to partake in. However, I am doing so more often.  For when I make the choice to allow moments of relaxation and I choose to rest in the presence of God, I find freedom.

As I watched this particular show (medical drama) the doctor had a patient that came into the ER.  There was something that was killing this patient.  The two doctors on his case knew exactly what it was without a shadow of a doubt, and both were skilled in performing the minor procedure needed to cure the man.  He could have gone home the next day. 

Yet, the man chose to believe a false report from a social media platform and decided that he would wait for God to heal him.  The day went on and the man’s condition got worst.  The doctor, however, never became angry with his patient.  He cleared his schedule and held the man’s hand.  He calmly told him over and over again about the procedure that would take less than five minutes to save his life.  The doctor finally asked the man a question.  He said to his patient, “How do you know that God did not send you to us to heal you through the knowledge that HE [God] has given to us?” The man just shook his head and died.

Sad, right?  Many of you may be thinking why didn’t he let the doctors perform the procedure?  But my question to you today is the same.  Why won’t you accept the freedom that God has given to you.?  Why are you believing a false report about who you are?   Why won’t you choose to believe that you are who God has said you are?  Why can’t you see that you are fearfully and wonderfully made? Why hasn’t the truth that you are not a mistake, not yet settled into your spirit and become your truth?  Why is it that you are boxing God in to only one way, when God has ways to bless you that will blow your mind?

God has set you free. Free from sin and shame.  Won’t you accept HIS freedom?

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