Living in Freedom


Living in Freedom

Living is knowing.  Truth sets us free only when we have knowledge of truth. 

I spoke to another parent recently.  We discussed parenting tactics used as we raised our children.  I shared the fact that I am naturally strong and how my son inherited this from me. As a toddler he would chuck my five- and eight-pound dumbbells through the air like he was throwing a plastic toy.    I told her how I would wrestle with him as a young boy and at an early age he began to really challenge my grip.  I had to really use my whole body to hold down a 5-year-old. 

I went on to share that while we would wrestle, I would begin to tell him, “I am your mom, and I am super strong. I will always be able to beat you and possess the ability to take you out.”  (Just some momma smack talking 😊.)  At some point I noticed however, that when I would tell him these things that his fight would change. 

Now, as I tell this story, I realized that my son believed me and that his belief caused his perspective of the possibility of pinning me and winning to disappear.  The truth was, that had he not given up in those instances, he would have beat me, because I was on my last leg.  He didn’t know the truth, so he never got free from my grip.

Living the abundant life that God has given us requires three things.  We must know:

·         Who we are according to the word of God and the power that we possess (The Truth).

·         That we are enough.  If God places us in a room, everything that we need is present. Both within us and around us.

·         And that the world is waiting for us to take the necessary steps to walk in our destiny and live a life of God-given purpose.

You have been set free.  It is indeed time for you as a child of God to live in this freedom!

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