When You Remember


When you remember

As I sat in my morning prayer time with God.  I decided to just start the day off getting still.  I listen for God when I commune with Him. But today I felt to just be still at the start.  I said… “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”  And I just sat in the presence of God and waited. 

Then he pointed my eyes to a mirror on the wall before me.  It is a wooden mirror in the shape of the sun. The  wooden parts are silver, and in the middle sits a small circular mirror.  God began to remind me of how that beautiful mirror became mine.  I remembered vividly the promise God made me in the beginning of that season.  I smiled and began to write in the best words possible what I was experiencing as I remembered how HE kept HIS word to us.  Soon He took me to the pieces on the wall on either side of the mirror. They too bare a testimony.  Then down to my TV, entertainment center and end tables.  All apart of a testimony. 

Then I thought of the cars in my yard.  Both a testimony.  My heart is overjoyed and encouraged as I continue to look forward to all of the recent promises that God has made to me.  As I continued to just sit in the joy of the Lord and be grateful for the things that God has done within me as well; He gave me the subject for today’s blog post.  “When you remember….”

He told me to tell you to look back and remember.  To remember what HE has already done and to allow those testimonies to fuel your fire as you prepare for the ones that are to come.  We are always content (i.e., appreciative for our current state of blessings, grateful; thankful, etc.)  Yet, we should always have an expectation of God.  We should expect God to bless us, to keep us and to provide for us. We should daily believe God for miracles, signs and wonders. 

Your situation may currently seem bleak.  Yet, I want to encourage you today to look back and remember a time in your past that you felt this same way before, and how God came through for you.  Trust and know that HE is still God enough to do it again and HE will!


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