Flaws and All

Flaws and All

 I heard this phrase recently as I sat with God on a matter.  He said… “flaws and all”.  You see we often look in the mirror and we pick out the things that we think are “wrong” with us.  We look for what we consider our shortcomings and failures.  This search leaves us depleted because it shifts our mindset from being more than a conqueror to believing that we are not enough.

Yet, the word tells us that we are made in God’s image.  So instead of believing the word over what we see.  We believe the lie that we are not enough or that some how we are broken and in disrepair. We read Song of Solomon 4:7…. You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.  And we distance ourselves from this truth.  We accept this verse as merely a song written to describe one’s love.  The truth, however, is that even the things we consider to be flaws, are not seen as a flaw by God.  HE does all things well.  HE did not make a mistake creating you.  It doesn’t matter the means in which you came to be in the world. No one sneaks into the universe on God.  Your circumstance of arrival may not have been ideal; but know that you were always God’s idea. 

I dare you to take a look in the mirror today; flaws and all and see God.  Yes. As you look at you, see HIM.  See HIS handiwork in your slanted smile, your glasses and your braces.  See God in your freckles and in everything about you.  Because you my love, are indeed HIS handiwork.  You are HIS perfected you; flaws and all.

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