Just a Few Aisles Over

Just a Few Isles Over

Last week I was in the store and praising God through what “felt” like a difficult time. As I walked the isles I refused to allow my spirit to become weary or to lose hope.  Although a particular thing had ended, I told my daughter…”Nothing is going to stop me from praising God!”

Yet, the oppression kept coming.  But I kept walking and every so often I looked at my daughter and declared…”God is good!”.  For which she would reply either “Amen!” or “I still believe God and I believe that God is going to do it!” 

I know that this all sounds amazing.  But truth is we didn’t feel amazing.  Disappointment and frustration were looming, yet our confession remained the same. 

A few isles over we stood almost as if we couldn’t move from our places.  There as we waited a family walked by.  There were 6 or 7 young children that all looked about the same age.  I felt led to ask the couple if all of the children belonged to them.  (I know what you’re thinking….  as my first thought was…”Huh…???That’s kind of a weird question to ask a stranger.)  But before doubt could set in, I heard myself ask the question. 

The mom smiled and said yes, “They are all ours!”  I began to smile and wait for God.  He obviously had a purpose for this moment.  She said the others are at home… we have 10 total.  The husband who did not look so thrilled replied, “Nine.  We have nine.” The mom’s smile turned down a little and she said “Yes, we have nine now.”  As her head dropped, I looked to the husband who said to me… “ We just buried our oldest daughter, and I just got my first tattoo, ever.”  As he lifted his sleeve to show me a tattoo of his oldest daughter’s name, date of birth and date of demise, I immediately realized that his oldest was younger than my youngest. 

After the conversation ended I began to thank God and HE gave me these words…. “Just a few isles over…”  You see, there is always someone else just a few feet away from you who would trade your troubles for theirs any day.  I am not saying that we should ignore or belittle the issues of life just because someone else’s may seem worse. But what I am suggesting is that we consider that life could be so much worst and that we should choose each day to set our minds on the good in every moment. The wife said to me as they walked away.  Enjoy them; Enjoy every moment. 

So, I say to you, enjoy every moment. Give thanks and remember that what you are going through will not last forever. It will pass.  So, count your blessings and give thanks to God for another day.

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