As we wrap up the month of August I wanted to remind you that renewing your mind in the promises of God is not just a once-a-year kinda thing.  That it should become a way of life for you.  As with any new habit or change in our lives, there is a process that takes place, before this change becomes a lifestyle.  Be kind to yourself in the process.  But be resolute in changing your mindset to one of walking in your divine purpose. 

Choose to practice the strategies and tactics that you have developed during this month.  Allow them to become consistent behavior.  Create the “I AM” list.  Set up Checkpoint dates in your calendar that require you to be purposeful about this change. 

Remember, that what God created you to do in this earth is worth every moment and every sacrifice along the way.  Your future you is cheering you on and the generations coming after you are depending on you to show up and be the “you” that God created!


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