The Wrong Seat


Have you ever arrived at the movies or an event and found someone else sitting in your seat?  How did that make you feel?  For most of us it annoys us at best. For some it causes them to become angry and even well after the error has been corrected, they will spend the whole time at this event, upset.

Psalm1:1 it tells us that we should not sit in the seat of the scornful.  How do these two things relate? Well, it’s much like having someone post something on social media that is awesome and celebratory only to have someone else (troll/scornful sitter) respond with bitter remarks and insults.

Usually, the troll resents the one making the post, because they [the troll] know that if they had only been obedient to God and walked in their calling in the time in which God instructed them to, that they would possibly be doing the same thing that the person who made the post is doing.  But instead of allowing what they see to motivate them to walk in their purpose, they choose to remain seated and bitter.

Today, I want to encourage you.  If you’ve been scornful, then get out your seat and move your feet.  You still have life in you, and you still have a purpose to fulfill. 

If you’re walking in your purpose and the trolls [scornful] start to talk, just ignore them and keep walking.  Soon you’ll be so far apart from them that you won’t be able to hear a sound!  Stay focused, it’s your season; keep walking!


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