Acknowledge U

Acknowledge – to accept or admit the existence or truth of a thing; recognize the fact or importance or quality of.

It is time for you to acknowledge who you are.  You have run long enough, and many are awaiting your acknowledgement. They are waiting for you to step into who you really are; (the “U” that was a thought in God’s mind before the beginning of time).

Another definition of acknowledge is to confess. So today we’re going to make some declarations (confessions) over our lives.  I’ve listed a few below.  I pray that you will be encouraged to add a few of your own. 

Make these confessions over your life for the next 10 days, then tell us all about the transformation that you’ve experienced by returning to this post and commenting or by posting about your journey and using the hashtag #AcknowledgeMe.  We’re excited to hear your reports!


…Today I acknowledge that:

·         I AM more than enough for every task and title.

·         I have gifts that the world needs.

·         I was created on purpose.

·         I have all that it takes within me to walk out my purpose.

·         I am strong in mind, body and soul.

·         I will intentionally live out my God-given purpose.



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