The Glory That Comes


So often we search for the purpose of it all.  We want answers so we put our questions into what feels like a never-ending search engine, and we wait.  We wait to see what the results are…

I am assigned to tell you today to stop looking for the why’s and to start looking for the Glory.  Look for the opportunity for God to get glory from your present circumstances.

Consider what your loved ones have seen as they’ve watched you walk through tough seasons of your life.  What are they learning about God that they otherwise may not have learned without a front row seat to your trials.

We often want to save those around us from “experiencing” the truth.  Yet, it is the things that we experience that shape us and smooth out our rough edges.  It is often the hard times that push us into an all-day fast or hours of worship.  I want to encourage you to not focus on what sent you into worship, but to focus on the fact that you are worshiping the one and only true God, who seeks only to get Glory from your life. 

Trust and believe that there will be Glory after this!










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