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Don't Let Circumstance Dictate Truth

Don’t Let Circumstance Dictate Truth

 I was reminded yesterday (as my “Bonus Sister” prayed over me) that God trusts us with prayers and promises. 

Don’t allow any circumstance to dictate your truth.  Often when God speaks to us and gives us a glimpse of what HE has for us; He often speaks to us about greatness in a place where nothing in our lives line up with what HE is saying. 

For example, God may speak to you/give you a vision of yourself speaking on a large platform surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people, yet in the moment no one seems to know that you exist.  The Lord may tell you that your child is going to do great work for HIM in the earth, while you’re watching them make wrong choices.

You can have a God given vision of an empire and in the moment HE speaks, your circumstances are telling you that you’ll never make it out of an apartment where you share a room with your children.  In these moments you may be tempted to doubt that you’ve heard God.  You may even be tempted to believe past disappointments.  Yet, it is my solemn prayer today that you will choose to look at your circumstances; label them the liars that they are and choose to believe the word of God!

The word of the Lord never returns void.  Some years ago, as I cried while God spoke promises to me for every area of my life.  I believed HIM, but my circumstances seemed impossible.  HE said these words…. “When I tell you something, I am merely making you aware that it already exists.” 

When we can embrace this truth; that God is speaking and because HE is speaking that what HE has spoken “IS”, then it takes the weight off and gives us the motivation that we need to press forward by faith in God. 

Do not let circumstances dictate your truth.  Choose to believe God.  



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