When You Believe

When you Believe

I asked God to help me recently .  I wasn’t asking Him for a thing that I could hold.  I needed something on the inside of me to change.  I felt like my fire was burning out; like I was losing passion for a particular thing. 

Immediately when I realized this, I began to seek God for an answer.  But this time was different, I didn’t look outside of me to give Him something to fix.  Although, the temptation to do so was very present; I chose to stand before God naked and unashamed (spiritually speaking). 

As I heard myself praying words that I never thought I’d pray again; I heard God say… “When you believe………”  Instead of defensively pleading my case, and explaining how I have had faith for this and for that; I responded (this time)… “Speak Lord for your Servant is listening.  Show me myself.  Show me what you mean.”

God went on to download words; short sentences to me.  Then I began to understand that I needed to protect my faith in this area.  That I needed to review my strategies to combat disappointment.  God was letting me know that when I got real; when I didn’t ignore the temptation to become discouraged and disappointed, but when I brought it to Him, things changed.  My prayers changed, because my belief in Him and His promises for this particular thing increased. 

So often we are tempted to hide the temptation to give into our feelings from God. But He is right there with us.  He sees the battle the enemy is waging; He’s just waiting on us to invite Him in.  We don’t have to white knuckle our way through.  We just need to bend our knees and say.. “Father, help me. Strengthen me.”  God knows that we have the faith to make it through.  He gives us what He knows we can handle (See Matthew Chapter 5.).  We have to remind ourselves to have the faith to invite God into our vulnerable moments and trust the God that we serve to do what is best for us. 


When you believe your speech changes,

Because your thoughts change, and you return your focus to me.

When you believe your actions change,

You don’t wait until you see what I said, you act on it because you know that you can trust what I said.

When you believe you ask BIG,

Because you know what I have in mind; what I’ve already put your name on, is bigger than anything you can ask, think of or imagine.  It’s all small to me.

When you believe you speak differently,

You boldly proclaim what I’ve told you, because you know that my word never returns to me void. 

When you believe you see the manifestation of Heaven in the earth.


Mark 9:23 AMP

Jesus said to him, “[You say to Me,] ‘If You can?’ All things are possible for the one who believes and trusts [in Me]!



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