About Vivian

Vivian is an encourager.  She loves family and people.  She will tell you that being a mom is her favorite job.  Enjoying time with the ones she loves is a gift to her.

A self-published author, business owner and Board Certified Biblical Counselor and Mental Health Coach; Bell knows all about hard work and dedication.  When asked why this blog is so important to her, she simply replied, "HIS (GOD's) love changed my life!"

It is her desire that everyone, everywhere knows and understands (as best we can from a human perspective) the truth about GOD.  Which is that GOD is love and that HIS love never fails.  

In love HE made us all in HIS image.  We are all fearfully and wonderfully made!  It is Vivian's hope that everyone will know the truth of GOD's word and believe that HIS promises are for all who believe!

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